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What shoes are good for children’s suits

Children’s suits are more formal children’s dresses, generally mainly worn by boys, when wearing children’s suit suits, you can match leather shoes, loafers, if it is more casual, with sneakers, canvas shoes can also be. In terms of underwear, children’s suits are generally more suitable with shirts, and you can also choose casual styles, such as thin sweaters and round neck T-shirts. Let’s take a look at what shoes are good for children’s suits and what looks good under children’s suits.

First, what shoes are good for children’s suits

Children’s suit is a kind of children’s dress, the little boy wears a children’s suit, giving people a solemn and formal feeling, is a very adult fashion sense of wear. When wearing children’s suits, pay attention to the matching of shoes, generally children’s suits with shoes mainly include the following:

1. Small leather shoes

Leather shoes and suits are the best partners, and children’s suits are no exception, wearing a pair of classic small leather shoes with children’s suits looks very elegant. However, leather shoes are heavier, the silhouette is hard and the material is relatively thick, and younger boys are still not recommended to wear leather shoes, so as not to affect the range of motion of the feet and big toes.

2. Loafers

Little boys can also match men’s suits with gentlemanly loafers. Loafers represent a casual and casual attitude to life, and they look casual and free with children’s suits.

3. Sneakers

For casual occasions or daily wear, sneakers can also be worn with a suit, many trendy little boys will use fashionable little white shoes to match suits, the versatile attributes of the small white shoes themselves plus the age-reducing effect, wearing an effortless sense of fashion in minutes. Energetic sneakers, breaking the stereotypical confinement of suit suits, have their own and fashion, and look real and natural against the backdrop of a rigid suit.

4. Canvas shoes

This style belongs to the more college, using canvas shoes to match the suit, whether it is a high-top or low-top style, you can wear youthful vitality, and the trouser legs are rolled up to expose the ankles more fashionable.

Second, what looks good under children’s suits

Children’s suits are generally used as coats, and when matching, you must also consider the inside, so what is more suitable for children’s suits?

1, more versatile is the shirt, suit and shirt matching will not be wrong, if you don’t know how to match, a versatile stand collar white shirt will be a good choice.

2. If the children’s suit is more casual style, the inner lining can be worn at will, such as thin sweaters, round neck T-shirts, etc. are good matches, and it is very suitable with casual children’s suits.

Third, children’s suit selection precautions

1, choose the right size, many mothers are used to buying a size larger for their children’s clothes, other clothes can, but the suit is not OK, children’s suits must fit to look good.

2. Choose the buttons of the suit according to the child’s figure, if the child is relatively tall and thin, choose a three-button style suit, but if you are a little fat, it is better to choose a double-button suit.

3. Choose the right socks to match, socks generally choose dark colors or similar colors to suits.






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