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What age to start wearing Children’s underwear

Underwear cover the private parts of the human body, so how old should the child wear underwear? Putting small underwear on children can not only protect the child’s private parts, but also give children early gender awareness enlightenment in time. Generally speaking, children aged 2-3 can wear underwear. So how to choose children’s underwear? 

Children’s underwear began to be worn at what age

There is no clear rule when to wear children’s underwear, but generally at the age of 2~3 years old to wear underwear is more suitable, it is best to try to wear small underwear after the child is one year old, it is best to wear more loose and fat, do not strangle the baby’s waist and small farts, mainly to prevent the child’s intimate parts from being infected, keep it clean and hygienic. If you dress too late, your child will suddenly wear underwear in kindergarten, and you will feel uncomfortable wearing underwear and don’t like to wear it.

If it is a baby girl, you should try to wear underwear around the age of two. Especially in summer, the baby girl should wear underwear for the baby when wearing a skirt, which can not only prevent the infection of the baby’s private parts, but also be more conducive to the growth of the baby.

What are the benefits of wearing underwear for children

Cultivate gender awareness
1 and a half years old babies do not yet have gender awareness, and do not feel shy without clothes. But after 1 and a half years of age, the baby enters a critical period of gender awareness. Wearing underwear can promote the establishment of gender awareness in babies, so that babies are aware of the difference between men and women from an early age, and that private parts need special protection.

Social adaptability
0~3 years old baby’s psychological activities and behavior performance are not only affected by parents, but also by social ethics and code of conduct, baby wearing underwear helps to adapt to kindergarten life faster in the future, but also cultivates the baby’s independence and mental development.

Prevents cold in the abdomen
Babies under the age of 3, the body temperature center is not well developed, especially the abdomen, the sensitivity to temperature is very high, a little careless cold, it will cause abdominal pain or cold. Wearing small panties for your baby can prevent your baby’s abdomen from getting cold often, especially when the weather is cold.

The health of the intimate parts
Babies like to sit on the ground to play, wearing small underwear can block some impurities outside, protect the baby’s private parts, and also prevent the baby from playing with the genitals and produce bacteria. In addition, wearing small underwear can reduce the friction between the pants and the intimate parts and protect the baby’s skin.

Potty training for your baby
Babies who have been bare-butt may not have the consciousness of going to the toilet and are prone to open defecation. Wearing small underwear for the baby is conducive to the baby’s toilet training, and the process of forming regular toileting from an early age is very important for the growth and development of the baby.

Baby panties are better with flat corners or triangles

The briefs fit snugly but are too restrained
Briefs are short, Y-shaped panties that are “inverted triangles”. The benefits of briefs include: they are more snug and not easy to walk through, which is more conducive to protecting privacy and isolating dirt. More like underwear, wearing outer pants will not feel like wearing two pairs of pants, which is conducive to cultivating the baby’s awareness of wearing underwear. Baby girls wear briefs when wearing short skirts to look better.

However, briefs also have their disadvantages, and one of the most unpopular factors for babies is that they are tightened a little, and some babies will feel uncomfortable, especially boys. In addition, the edge of the briefs directly touches the base of the thighs, and if you sweat a lot in summer, it is easy to grow ringworm next to the thighs to protect the prickly heat, because sweat and the friction of the pants are easy to breed bacteria.

Boxers are unfettered but easy to walk away
Boxers, or flat-mouth pants, are designed to be derived from the shorts worn by boxers, mostly made of cotton and other materials, and the biggest feature is loose and breathable. Compared with briefs, boxers are more comfortable because of their loose design and no sense of restraint, so many babies prefer to wear boxers. Some mothers think that wearing boxers is better for the health of the baby’s reproductive organs than briefs, but scientific studies have shown that the type of underwear has little effect on the testicles and sperm.

The disadvantages of boxers are also the advantages of briefs, because they are looser, the baby may be more likely to walk naked, if you wear outer pants, boxers are easier to tear off with the outer pants, slightly inferior in terms of privacy.

In addition, the choice of trouser legs of boxers is also critical, be sure to choose the appropriate size according to the baby’s figure, if the underwear thigh circumference is too small, the baby will be uncomfortable to wear thighs, if the underwear thighs are too large, the baby is not close enough to play the role of underwear.

How to choose children’s underwear

1. Style: Children’s underwear is divided into boxers and briefs according to style. The briefs are not easy to walk away, which is conducive to protecting the private parts, but it is relatively uncomfortable, and it is easy to make the thigh base grow prickly in summer. Boxers are loose and breathable, but easy to walk away, and the protection is relatively inferior. In short, each style has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the key is to be loose and breathable and suitable for your baby. If your baby doesn’t have a specific preference, you can change between them. Generally, girls choose briefs and boys choose boxers.

2. Material: Baby underwear requires the material to be cotton, not only soft and close, but also good breathability, easy to absorb sweat, even in the hot summer, do not have to worry about covering the heat. The delicate and soft fabric of the underwear, light and close, makes the child feel comfortable at all times, and the crotch of cotton fabric can take care of the child’s health.

3. Size: Generally speaking, it is necessary to choose the right size to be conducive to the growth and development of the child, too small or too large is not good, so choosing the right size is quite important. The choice of size is determined according to the height of the baby, short and thin, and can be selected according to the size marked on the label, and generally good shorts labels will indicate how many sizes of pants are suitable for wearing.

Another tip: before buying small panties, you should measure your baby’s hips in advance – measure the circumference along the most convex line of your baby’s little butt, plus 5cm. Buy small panties for your baby according to the measured hip circumference, so that the size of the small panties will fit better.

4. Pattern color: Now children’s underwear has many patterns on it, boys and girls are very cute, you can choose the pattern that children like, or the style they like. Dark underwear is easy to fade, contain various dyes, and overly white underwear may be bleached by drugs, and it is easy to be allergic after contact. Therefore, underwear should be light-colored, especially for baby girls, and the mother can detect health problems in time by observing the secretions on the underwear.

5. Purchase quantity: underwear should be washed frequently, babies under 2 years old are easy to wet pants, the more the better, after the age of 2, prepare 4-6 pieces to meet the demand.

6. Purchase method: Generally speaking, there are now two common ways to buy, one is through online purchase, the other is through physical store purchase, it is recommended that mothers buy through physical stores, which can better ensure quality and quality size, etc., and can better check children’s underwear.

How often to change your baby’s underwear

Children’s underwear needs to be changed once a day to prevent the growth of bacteria. The baby is active and has a fast metabolism, so it is best to wash and dry the pants that are changed every day. If your baby has just learned to go to the toilet and occasionally pees his pants, it is best to wash off the underwear on the spot every time he changes. Otherwise, the dirt on it is easy to breed bacteria and affect the health of the baby’s private parts.

How often to change children’s underwear for a new one

As for the frequency of underwear replacement, there is no authoritative statement, in general, it is possible to change it every six months to a year. However, some babies grow quickly, and in a few months, the previous underwear is small and no longer suitable for him, so it is necessary to buy a new size of underwear. In addition, how often to change the underwear is not to see the time, but to see whether the underwear is deformed, if the baby’s underwear is deformed, loses elasticity, takes off the thread, is dyed, the material becomes dry and hard, etc., even if it is not half a year, it should be thrown away and replaced with a batch of new underwear for the baby.

What causes yellowing of children’s underwear

A. Reasons for yellowing of girls’ panties

1. Girls should pay attention to whether it is caused by vulvitis or vaginitis, so pay attention to whether the child will have itching and pain in the vagina or locally.

2. Intestinal pinworm infection, the worm body may crawl out of the anus at night, causing itching, increased local secretions, resulting in yellowing of underwear.

3. Cross-legged syndrome is a behavioral abnormality. When girls clamp their legs, they feel more comfortable, and they often have this action, and local friction will cause increased secretions and yellowing of the underwear.

B. Yellowing of boys’ panties causes

1. Boys’ underwear has yellow stains, if there is no redness, swelling, discharge and other symptoms at the urethral opening, it is a normal phenomenon. Boys’ underwear has yellow stains, if there are no other symptoms, it may be due to the fact that the urine is not cleaned when urinating, resulting in urine staining on the underwear, so that the sediment is deposited in the underwear, and yellow stains appear, which is normal.

2. If there is redness and swelling of the urethral mouth, discharge, accompanied by symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, it is considered to be a symptom of urinary tract infection. It is recommended to go to the hospital for routine hematuria examination, and according to the results of the examination, anti-infective treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs. >> detail

What is the best way to wash children’s underwear

1. Wash the baby’s underwear separately
Baby’s underwear is not washed with adults’ clothes. Baby’s underwear is different from adults, if you wash with adults’ clothes, it will not only wear out the baby’s clothes due to long washing time, but also damage the baby’s skin due to incomplete rinsing.

2. Rub with soap
When cleaning children’s underwear, it is best to rub carefully for 3-5 minutes after soap to allow bacteria to fully contact the soap. Underwear washed with soap, mold and trichomoniasis can be killed by the alkaline environment of soap solution. Regular soap will do, there is no need to use children’s soap exclusively.

3. Rinse well
After rubbing, be sure to rinse well in running water and wash the soap foam thoroughly. Soap is alkaline, acid and alkali contact during cleaning to generate salt, if not rinsed in time, for a long time, the underwear will be hard, not conducive to the baby’s health.

4. Do not wash with socks
Your baby’s underwear should never be washed with socks. Human feet will breed mold and other germs, babies are more active than adults, if the socks and underwear are mixed together, mold may be contaminated on the underwear.



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