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How to match a princess dress

Abstract: Every girl has a princess dream in her heart, fantasize about being the happiest and cutest girl in the world, as a mother, if you can’t give the baby a princess life, you might as well dress her up as a little princess, fulfill her dream, princess skirt is a must-have item in the wardrobe of little princesses, how to choose, match the baby’s princess dress?

I’m a little princess

Anglea’s sentence: I’m not a big star, I’m a little princess. Probably the voice of every little girl. There is Wang Shiling before, and there is summer later, and children are always indispensable for princess dreams. That little baby at home, with crooked eyebrows and a sweet smile, how could he not satisfy her?

01. The most irresistible is the skirt, if it is full of flowers and fluffy white yarn, I think the little princess will love it! The stretchy neckline is surrounded by soft lace, and the lace is embellished with tiny polka dots, which is delicate and romantic.

02. The retro series is also the heart of the little princess, the folded lace of the small stand collar is gently and delicately wrapped around the neck, and the cuffs are also quite retro tucked up. The flowers in detail bloom on the hem of the skirt, and the light and suitable color seems to be the beauty of the oil painting.

03. There is a difference between printing and printing, and there is a difference between retro and retro. The little princess already knows these nuances at a young age and knows her preferences, so she will definitely be a fashionable beauty when she grows up! Some pastoral vintage style skirts, big bow sticks!

04. Although adults always adhere to the principle of “simplicity is beauty”, the little princess cannot resist the complicated elements such as beaded lace mesh. Well-behaved little lapels, a circle of beads dotted on it, delicate lace in front of the body, puffy mesh at the hem, linked with a ribbon bow, fairy beautiful.

05. The baby’s fashion aesthetic is always influenced by the mother, of course, some of the careful wishes of the hot mothers will also be realized in the baby’s dress. White closed bloomer sleeves, white pleated small stand collar, Scottish plaid tank top skirt, such a well-behaved college style is really going to cry.

06. Red shirt on the upper body, split on both sides, short skirt with broken flowers, light gray leggings, and a pair of black Martin boots. Is it a sense of immediacy of the Mori female line? The fake two-piece dress saves the trouble of matching, and the baby’s waist will not have any sense of restraint, which is really beautiful and comfortable.

07. Mom’s wardrobe is full of cotton and linen, and the baby also wants it! Although princess dresses are always not tired of wearing, it is okay to change the taste occasionally! Loose cotton and linen embroidered dress, long sleeves are seven, with a pair of leggings you can go out comfortably!



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