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How old can a baby wear a down jacket

The weather is cold in winter, and many parents want to buy a down jacket for their children to keep out the cold, but they don’t know if they can buy it. In fact, only babies over 3 years old can wear down jackets, and babies under 3 years old have poor body temperature regulation and can only wear cotton clothes to keep out the cold. Children should also master the method when wearing down jackets, pay attention to the choice of down jackets, pay attention to allergic reactions, pay attention to clothes washing, and then take a look at how old babies can wear down jackets and what matters children should pay attention to when wearing down jackets.

Babies can also wear down jackets, but babies are too young to wear down jackets. This is because the baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, the respiratory tract is not well developed, and down jackets contain down. When wearing a down jacket, down may fall out of the inner layer, and some may even fly out, which can easily cause symptoms such as skin allergies or asthma.

Every baby has individual differences, and how old the baby must be to wear a down jacket depends on the baby’s physique. Generally speaking, babies over 3 years old can wear down jackets, and cotton clothes should be used to resist the cold before the age of 3. Babies under 3 years old have poor thermoregulation, wearing a down jacket may cause the baby’s body temperature to be too high, and even cause infant fever syndrome, so do not wear a down jacket to your child too early.

What children should pay attention to when wearing down jackets

1. Pay attention to the choice of down jacket

There are many brands and styles of children’s down jackets on the market, in order not to affect the health of the baby, it is recommended that parents choose down jackets produced by regular manufacturers to ensure warmth and clothing quality. When purchasing, you can see whether the down jacket label contains brand trademark, manufacturer name, address, certificate, quality level, down content, down filling and other information. Generally speaking, children choose down jackets with a down content of 60%~70%. If your baby is afraid of cold, you can choose a down jacket with a down content of more than 70%.

2. Pay attention to allergic reactions

Children may have allergic reactions when wearing down jackets for the first time, if symptoms of allergies appear, it is recommended to take off the down jacket in time, wear cotton clothing, and wait for the baby to grow up before wearing.

3. Pay attention to washing clothes

Down jacket needs to be cleaned after wearing for a period of time, when cleaning the down jacket for the baby, it is best not to send it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning, because dry cleaning is mainly through the use of organic chemical solvents, to achieve the purpose of washing, removing oil, stains, dry cleaning is likely to leave harmful or irritating organic chemicals on the baby’s skin.




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