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These Online Degrees for Stay at Home Moms Are Worth Checking Out

Stay-at-home moms (SAHM) look after the children and run the household. Some suggest SAHMs hold the family together, but to many, it doesn’t sound like a smart idea to give up what might be a lucrative career and stay home.

The desire to have a career while being available to their children will parlay landing a job that melds to a working parent’s schedule and enables them to meet their family’s financial needs. The best way to fulfill responsibilities at home and in a career could be to search for moms’ work-at-home jobs.

Moms can now strike a balance between handling and contributing to household finances, all without leaving home, thanks to new technology! Employment prospects provide flexible timetables that make it very easy for stay-at-home moms to operate. Here are some degree options that stay at home moms can do online!

These Online Degrees for Stay at Home Moms Are Worth Checking Out

Overview: Benefits of Online Degree Programs for Moms

As a person, stay-at-home moms want to develop. They want to take care of their kids and simultaneously have their own jobs. At home and at work, they want to make sure they have fulfilled their obligations. Returning (virtually) to the classroom stops moms from becoming idle and helps them better their lives.

What are Your Options?

You may want to suggest a higher education level when you want to explore the best careers for working moms. As opposed to an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree online gives you more opportunities. It also helps you to concentrate on more complex fields of research for your goals and objectives.

Top 5 Online Degrees You Can Take

Accounting Degree

For a lucrative job in finance, a bachelor’s degree in accounting will pave the way. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), accountants receive a median annual wage of $71,550 in the United States, almost twice the median salary for all professions.

From the 150 required to sit for the certified public accountant (CPA) examination in most states, a bachelor’s degree in accounting yields 120 academic credits. Many employers hire applicants with a bachelor’s degree in accounting for entry-level accounting positions, but company recruiters increasingly favor those with a CPA certificate for higher-paying accounting positions.

Dental Assistance Program

By treating patients, assisting with office work, and taking care of supplies, dental assistants provide dentists with essential assistance. During oral surgery, reconstruction, and cavity filling, they perform specific dental procedures and support the dentist.

Dental assistant degrees prepare candidates for Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) certification, governed by the National Board of Dental Assistants. Certified dental assistants can find excellent work prospects, and most jobs offer perfect vacation time and health benefits that are always important to single mothers.

Degree to Become an Executive Assistant

Significant duties for business executives are handled by executive assistants, such as writing papers, scheduling meetings, keeping track of important information, and retaining employees and managers aware of important information.

For single mothers who have to balance work and home life and have to be close to their children, this is perfect. While a degree is not necessarily necessary, managers tend to provide some education for their staff. An executive assistant degree would position applicants at the front of the recruiting line.

Hospitality Management Degree

Single mothers who have worked as waitresses or hostesses in the foodservice industry have some of the skills necessary for hospitality management and may consider making it a profession by gaining a degree in hospitality management. At high-end hotels, those with degrees would have better chances and can command a higher salary.

Travel Management Degree

It takes strong management skills, punctuality, and competence in sales to be a travel agent. Because technology makes it possible to do most of a travel agent’s work from home, it is convenient for single mothers. For travel agents, self-employment is also reasonably common, enabling flexibility in schedules.

Most employers prefer recruiting candidates who have been formally trained as travel agents, so it is necessary for those looking to enter the profession to obtain a degree in travel management. Those with a degree in travel management are expected to have a significant job advantage in the coming years.

These Online Degrees for Stay at Home Moms Are Worth Checking Out


Moms who participate in an online curriculum don’t have to think about long hours stuck in a classroom. To complete the specifications, online education offers materials and all the tools required.

To get to campus, they do not have to take public transportation or waste their money on gas—no need to battle with traffic. Also, with fewer distractions from peers and other students, online students will concentrate on their courses. This encourages them to have a better ability to focus.


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