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How to Make Animal Masks

For Children When the weather outside forces them to stay indoors, parents and teachers can use these crafts to entertain their children or teach them different animals.

Animal masks also allow children to use their imagination long after the creation has ended. They can jump around like rabbits in masks, walk on four legs like cats, or flap their wings like birds.

Depending on the age of the child, he can make these masks himself, or he may need help. So don’t wait any longer and explore how to make animal masks for children.

Rabbit mask

Make bunny masks to celebrate Easter or spring. You will need a paper tray, pink and white construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, pipe cleaner, rubber bands and a large pom-pom.

First, cut out small holes in the eye on a paper tray. Cut out the rabbit ears from white paper, then cut out the pink paper as the inside of the rabbit ears. Glue the shape to the top of the plate.

Weave three pipe cleaners together in the center and stick them like beards to the center of the mask. Attach pompoms to the top of the beard to make a nose.

Draw your mouth. Make two small holes on either side of the mask and tie an elastic band at both ends so they can wear the mask.

Chicken mask

Cut out a rectangle with yellow construction paper. Make the rectangle slightly wider than your face and cover only the top half of your face. Cut circles for the eyes.

Using red or orange construction paper, cut out a pickaxe. Use a marker to draw a black nose on the beak.

Place the beak under the eye holes. It should extend beyond the bottom of the yellow mask. To give the chicken mask a crest, you can glue a red feather or cut out a cactus shape out of red construction paper.

Make a small hole on each side of the mask and attach an elastic band, and you’re ready to prepare your chicken mask.

Cow masks

Use white construction paper, black markers, sticks, and glue. Draw a pumpkin-shaped bull’s head and two cow ears on white drawing paper. Then cut out your shape.

Glue your ears to the sides of your head. Cut two holes for the eye. Draw large black nostrils on the bottom of the mask.

Now draw black dots on the mask of the cow with a marker. Stick a wooden stick to the bottom of the mask so you can stick the mask to your face.

Lion mask

Turn yourself into the king of the jungle with a lion mask. You will need a paper tray, brown construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, paint and rubber bands.

Start by painting the paper tray yellow or orange. Paint the edges brown to make them look like a mane. Cut two holes for the eye.

Use a marker to draw the nose, mouth, eyebrows, and beard. Cut two semicircles from brown construction paper and glue them to the top of a plate to make lion’s ears.

Poke two holes on each side of the plate and thread the elastic band through them. If you wish, you can glue brown yarn, tissue paper, or pompoms to make the mane.



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