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How to make Roman mosaics

For children In the Roman Empire, people lived in houses called domus or villas, if they are located in the countryside. Most Roman dwellings, especially the wealthiest, are decorated with mosaics composed of small ceramic pieces that together form an image.

Steps to follow:

1: Find images or patterns from Roman antiquity and turn them into mosaics.

2: You can print on the computer or have the children draw on a white or black card.

3: Offer different colored pieces of paper (tissue or colored paper) so they can cut out small squares that become fragments of Roman mosaics. They do not have to all be the same size.

4: The next step will consist of filling the drawings with small colored paper and gluing them.

5: If you wish, once the boy or girl has finished the hook of the Roman mosaic, you can laminate it for better preservation.



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